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Hostas are hardy perennial plants that are frost tolerant to zone 3. All hostas require at least several weeks of winter chilling to below 4 degrees C. as part of their annual cycle of growth and rest. Hostas can be quite drought tolerant but when they are under stress their leaves will turn brown and burn.
Understanding the needs of hostas, and providing these needs will determine how well your hostas will grow. Hostas need well-drained fertile soil, a bit of protection from the hot afternoon sun, and an adequate water supply. However, their needs may vary greatly in their individual requirements such as those for miniature hostas vs large hostas, or late flowering hostas.
Hostas look best when planted with ferns or other perennials. When planting in the woods with wildflowers, make sure you remove all the surface tree roots within 2 feet of each hosta clump.

            Text adapted from Giboshihill Hostas

Hosta Maintenance

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Beware of Hostas, highly addictive!

Once your plant is established, hosta care becomes a matter of simple maintenance. To keep your growing hostas healthy, fertilize them each spring with an all-purpose garden fertilizer. Additional summer fertilizing may be helpful, but not necessary. Granular fertilizers should never sit on the leaves. With the exception of crown rot and leaf rot, Hosta plants are relatively disease-free. Deer find them tasty and if deer are a problem in your neighborhood, you might try planting daffodils around your hosta to keep them away from the emerging shoots. Another difficulty in hosta care is slugs, which leave unsightly holes in the leaves. A light scattering of sand around your plants will help keep them away. Hosta plants are a beautiful addition to any garden and fit well in a variety of spaces, ranging from a few inches to four feet (1.2 m.) across. Care of hostas is easy and now you’ve discovered the basics of how to grow hostas, you’ll find them a welcome addition to your yard.

  Text adapted from Giboshihill Hostas 

Further tips on Hosta Maintenance coming soon.

Fall Hosta Garden Cleanup 101

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