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Welcome to our club

Next event: 

Sunday July 16th  |  Hosta Social and
Members Plant Exchange
We're excited to announce an in-person Hosta Social on Sunday, July 16th at Judy's beautiful garden in Odessa. We will explore Judy's lovely garden, enjoy a mouth-watering BBQ and potluck, and cap it off with a members plant exchange.


Typically we do 5 events per year:


  • Spring meeting

  • Garden tour and BBQ

  • Plant exchange, Garden activity, and BBQ

  • AGM with conference person in September

  • Xmas party, first a Saturday after new year

We invite you to visit us...

• We do 5 excellent newsletters per year

• Access to our P-Touch machine

• A lot of exchanges between members
• Discounts at many suppliers


All your hosta needs in one place:
  • We do not publish addresses or phone numbers for events that are held at members' homes or gardens.

  • Members receive timely email notifications with details and contact information for these events.

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