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Photo Contest

Open to active Members of the Eastern Ontario Hosta Society only.

The Hosta, or “Queen of the Shade,” is a symbol of friendship and devotion. The first Eastern Ontario Hosta Society (EOHS) photo contest seeks to celebrate the Hosta’s beauty and shade loving resilience through unique, colouful images from the garden.

Class A: Leaf: simple and detailed photographs of Hosta leaves.

Class B: Bold and Beautiful: photographs of mature clumps of Hostas.

Class C: Fabulous Florals: detailed photographs of Hosta flowers.

Class D:
Serenity in the Garden: Hostas in a garden or landscape.

Members may enter up to two colour photographs per category photos that were taken between 1st sept 2021 and 30 Aug 2023. Winners in each class will be announced at the EOHS Annual General Meeting in September 2023. Prizes will be awarded to winners.

We hope this contest inspires you to capture the singular beauty of the Hosta in your own gardens and gardens you love. Good luck!

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